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UPDATE: Changes effective December 1, 2022


Tornik Family Medicine will be making some changes to our office.  Many insurances have become excessively cumbersome and costly to work with.  Dealing with excessive insurance requirements necessitates extra staff, extra time, and hinders our providers ability to focus on patients individually.


Accordingly, for the survival of our practice, and to provide the best care for our patients, we must discontinue accepting insurance.  We will be requiring time-of-service payment, and will be maintaining low time-of-service fees. Beginning, December 1, 2022 fees will be $80 for basic office appointments for established patients, and $120 for basic new patient office visits.


We understand that this will be a burden to many, and we wish this wasn’t the case. We value and care for all of our patients, however for our office’s survival we must make these changes.


*We will be making an exception for Tricare, our Military’s health insurance, as we feel it is our duty to try to support our country’s men and women who have sacrificed for our country.

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