Update April 19, 2020

Ohio is still on lockdown.  Many medical specialists and services are still difficult to schedule for our patients. It is my opinion, however, that while the risk of the Coronavirus has been of great concern, the risk of continued forgoing of regular medical treatment is great as well.


Our office has seen approximately 10 confirmed Covid-19 cases however we haven’t seen any cases or suspicious cases in approximately 2 weeks.  Moving forward our office will be up and running for normal appointments while using extra precautions.       


Our offices have been thoroughly disinfected, and we have policies to keep potential cases separated from our office. We would like to say we are now comfortable allowing our regular patients who need continuation of care.


For added safety precautions:

 -We continue with our deep cleaning procedures

-  Masks will be available upon request however due to limited availability we encourage you to          wear your own mask if possible.

  • If you prefer, you can wait for your appointment in your car-just let us know when you arrive and we can call or text you when we are ready for you. 

  • Certain cases can warrant an appointment conducted at your car upon request with weather permitting. 

-  Telemedicine appointments continue to be available however these are only available for appropriate diagnoses-if physical exam in required we will request you come in to the office to be appropriately evaluated in person.


Your continued patience is appreciated as we work together to adjust to the constant changes in our current world.

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